The Listing by Drake and Morgan



The Listing by Drake and Morgan:

I nearly always get lost when I visit the City of London; especially when leaving the tube at Bank with its multiple exits, I always seem to choose the wrong one.  On Thursday I made the right choice, emerged opposite the Bank of England and walked less than 5 minutes to The Listing which is tucked just behind Cannon Street Station.

The Listing - exterior

Dogs also get a warm welcome!

The Listing is situated within a gleaming new building, yet with use of candles, rugs, and faux fur seat coverings it seems warm and welcoming.   It was also incredibly busy the evening that we visited; the bar was packed with City workers relaxing after a hard day at work, everyone seemed to be talking and laughing and there was even a little bit of dancing going on.    I would have loved this in my 20s or 30s.  We were taken to the dining area, which was thankfully a lot quieter, and filled with some lovely quirky decor.

The Listing - Lobster decor

Grabbing Life by the Claws

When dining in a group, I love round tables, and I thought that these ones looked particularly nice.

The Listing - round table

Whilst we pondered the menu, my friend and I enjoyed cocktails, smoked almonds, and Padron peppers.

The Listing - cocktailsThe Listing - Padron Peppers

The Listing - Smoked Almonds

I couldn’t resist January’s special; lobster and fillet steak with a glass of champagne.  I was offered a choice of sauces and opted for the peppercorn.  My steak was cooked rare as requested.  If it hadn’t have been for the chips, garlic butter, and the sauce, I could have kidded myself that I was being good!

The Listing - Turf and Surf

My friend is vegetarian and commented that she had a good choice on the menu.  She was trying to be good too and waivered between a couscous salad and the vegetarian burger.  Guess which won? The grilled halloumi and vegetables served on a brioche bun were declared “very tasty”.

The Listing - veggie burger

Neither of us really wanted a dessert, but the offer of an after-dinner drink saw us both tempted again.  I had a perfect Espresso Martini, and with a nod to her Irish heritage, my friend chose a Baileys.

The Listing - after dinner drinks

We both really enjoyed our evening at The Listing.  If you find yourself in the City and want a drink and a decent bite to eat, this is well worth giving a try.

We were guests of The Listing.

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