Make Your Eyes More Beautiful with A Good Eye Makeup


Make-up is mostly for women. You cannot attain any celebration or occasion without makeup. The prominences of the eyes and the lips become the most important elements in case of a makeup. Women with large and beautiful eyes would like to add a little more to the natural beauty of their eyes by the aid of make-up, while there are also women whose eyes are not that large, so they would want to highlight them with the help of makeup. There are also many women who have a fascination for eye makeup and they do not leave their homes without wearing an eye makeup. So, in whichever of the above categories, you may fall into, you cannot compromise with the quality of your eye makeup in any way. You must make sure that you use the best eye makeup brand.

Whether you are using an eye-shadow, eye-primer, eye-liner, eye-brows, eye-lashes, mascara or under eye concealer, you need to make sure that you do not use any these products of foul quality because that may have an adverse effect on your skin. There are different ways through which you can differentiate between a good brand product and a poor brand product. You can visit any nearby drug store and test the quality of these makeup products by the use of the testers they have. You should also go through the various research reviews and compare them by yourselves. The application is the main test that determines the quality of a product. Once you apply a product on your skin, you immediately know whether it is good for your skin or not. The pigmentation, color and the texture of the various brands determine its quality once again. There are some leading eye makeup brands in the market right now. Some amongst them are – Ardell, Absolute New York, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Ofra, Alix Avien, The Balm and Kara Beauty.

Comparisons among the different products – But comparisons have come up among the various brands and about which brand is better than the other.


Ardell eye lashes have a huge demand in the cosmetic market right now. These eye lashes are safe for the skin, sterile, they have a reasonable price and they are also very easy to apply. The lashes of Ardell are all made up of natural hair and they give you a natural look.

Absolute New York

The eye makeup products of Absolute New York to give a smooth texture to the eyes, but at the same time, they are extremely expensive and not that easy to afford, like the products of Ardell.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

The eye makeup products of Jeffree Star Cosmetics have now become trendy for many young women. The eye makeup products of this brand have been loved and fondly embraced by all. They come up with different shapes and the way they mingle beautifully with your skin color is something you would enjoy while applying your makeup. But they are again extremely expensive and their metallic formula is not quite up to the mark.


Ofra eyeshadows are really cheap as compared to Jeffree on the other hand, but their product quality has turned out to be a huge failure. Their pigment does not go deep into the skin.

Alix Avien

Alix Avien has come up with a variety of eye makeup products ranging from eye shadows, eye liners, lashes and many others. This brand has gathered a huge praise from the female audience. It has become well-known for its pigments, texture and also of the various shades it comes up with. It also comes up with a very reasonable price.

The Balm

The eye makeup products of The Balm have also been launched in the market. They come up with a really good packaging, with a good price. It has a huge variety of shades, but there are also other better products in the market than it and it is not really worth buying when you have got better options and other brands which are of the same price and come up with better materials.

Kara Beauty

The eye makeup products of Kara Beauty give a totally professional touch to your makeup. There have been good reviews about this particular brand. Their eye makeup products are really friendly to the skin and you would not have rashes growing on your skin and the skin of your eyes which is of a really translucent quality would not itch if you use its products. They have harmful chemicals contained in their products.

So, while buying eye makeup products, the brand is something that is going to matter as you cannot compromise with the quality.