Los Angeles Speech Therapy: Say it Right


Should you come to notice that your child experiences some difficulty with speech, including the pronunciation of some words, you might consider speech therapy as a viable option. This is an effective intervention service provided by speech & language pathologists or speech therapists. For many parents, speech therapy Los Angeles services are becoming their saving grace when it comes to their children. Testimonials and Reviews at Speak Live Play can further your information into the subject as linked above.

First off is mouth coordination, which facilitates proper volume regulation, articulation, and fluency. Second is to help the young one better express and understand language, which includes written, body, pictorial, signs, and alternative communication channels such computers, iPads, smartphones and so on. They will also address issues that arise from swallowing disorders.


How to Tell if your Child Needs Speech Therapy

While a child might possess ordinary or even above average reading and pronunciation capabilities, they might still fall short in what is referred to as ‘pragmatic’ language. This entails the use of appropriate verbal and body languages that are essential in everyday interactions such as having conversations, making requests, as well as making friends. 

Mental conditions including brain injuries and infections might also be impeding their ability to communicate. Identifiable conditions such as Down Syndrome will also fall under this category. In such circumstances, therapy should be started at a young age and go on into their schooling years. For feeding therapy and speech therapy Los Angeles, pathologists are easily found at Speak Live Play. If you believe your child may be in need of therapy, take a look at the link provided.


How Speech Pathologists Work

These professionals carry out their work by making a proper identification of the child’s problem areas. These might include language-based disabilities or trouble with expressing and understanding written communications. Children need to have the ability to translate their ideas into words, organize them into sentences that make sense, and then go on to put those ideas across, whether verbally or in written form. Language challenges interfere with this process at various stages, and the therapist’s task will involve identifying the specific trouble area and thus be able to implement the proper corrective measures.

Therapists will also pro-actively consult with teachers and conduct evaluations in order to bring about classrooms that are language-rich. Their sessions may be held on a one-on-one basis or in small groups of peers facing similar communication and social difficulties. They strive to make the learning experience as comfortable, socially engaging, and effective as possible.

Available Speech Therapy Programs

While speech pathologist’s major focus in their work is the assessment and treatment of difficulty in articulation, cognition, and language, they will also spread their scope to address an issue that ties in closely with this sphere. This is the feeding and swallowing arena. These two areas are closely related because the same mechanisms that go towards the proper expression of verbal communication also come into play when it comes to the mechanisms of eating and swallowing, and so their troubles will often share a root cause.

Encountering children with trouble in both areas is not very common outside of the special needs demographic, but it does happen that otherwise sound children might have difficulty with the coordination of the motor aspects of jaw, tongue, and lip movement necessary for speech and eating. Many therapists will make use of teaching aids such as blow toys, whistles, crazy straws, and such like that are designed to help strengthen the muscles that are most relevant in the eating and speech process. One particular specialist of speech therapy Los Angeles offers is Melissa at Speak Live Play. She is an experienced pathologist who has dedicated her life to helping children in need.


The Teaching of Language Pragmatics

Speech therapy practitioners work closely with children that experience considerable difficulty in interpreting social cues correctly, using body and verbal language to engage with others and make friends, which might be a big hurdle in their development along normal lines, both socially and in terms of their education.

Pragmatics in this context aims to help address this particular aspect of the issue as its major focus is on the social aspect of their communication difficulties. Human beings are social creatures, and so any deficiency in this area might have ramifications that are entirely greater than the root problem itself, thus it’s always a good idea to seek out corrective measures as soon as such issues begin to manifest themselves. This aspect of speech therapy is of particular importance to children facing social communication difficulties as a result of conditions such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, speech-language impairments, and so on.


Finding Therapy Services

Many people are encouraged to help the learning process their children are undergoing with technological aids such as iPads and smartphones, which nowadays have apps that contain simple exercises that will help their efforts.

While services are relatively easy to find, being available at virtually all public schools, you might prefer the services of a private therapist, such as Melissa at Speak Live Play, based out of Los Angeles speech therapy benefits a multitude of children in need. If you suspect your child is in need of a pathologist’s assistance, head over to Speak Live Play now at any of the links above and begin the evaluation seen on the home page. Good luck!