How to Choose Furniture for Small Spaces



When choosing furniture for small spaces, such as an apartment or small house, look beyond just the aesthetic appeal and look toward functionality as well. With a limited area, each item of furniture needs to be well thought out and accomplish a goal. That way it’s not just taking up space. At Improvements, we have some ideas for choosing functional furniture for small spaces.

Choosing the Right Furniture for Small Spaces

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The hardest part about decorating a small home is picking furniture that suits your tastes and fits comfortably without making the room looked too cramped. Plus, you want it to be functional yet fashionable. Multifunctional, wall-mounted and corner pieces are all great small space furniture options.

Multifunctional Furniture

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Apartments or small homes benefit from furniture that has more than one function. Multifunctional furniture comes in many different styles and options so you can find furniture for small spaces in the look that is perfect for you.

Trunks or storage benches make gorgeous coffee tables and offer a lot of extra storage space. Throw a cushion on top and it becomes extra seating if/when needed as well. Place trunks at the end of the bed for a blanket, additional bedding or pillow storage. In the bedroom, they make a great sitting spot for putting on shoes.

Futons or day beds make comfortable couches but also transform your living room into a guest bed for overnight visitors. A convertible sofa works too and often has cushions that lift up, leaving extra storage beneath to house the bedding or extra pillows or blankets for guests to use.

Ottomans can do just about anything! They’re easy sitting spots, often open for additional storage and can double as a coffee table with storage. Put a serving tray on top and use it for holding drinks and snacks. Often ottomans can slide under coffee or side tables and be pulled out when needed. Functional and unobtrusive, it’s a win-win solution. Some ottomans even transform into a bed! If you have a small space, consider utilizing ottomans. They can double sitting, sleeping and storage space in a small piece of furniture.

Think outside of the box and consider using a small dresser or desk for a side table or entertainment center. It serves the purpose while adding drawers for extra storage. It’s a practical idea for any home!

Make the Most Out of Corners and Walls

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When in doubt, use wall space to enlarge the room. Wall-mounted items, like TVs, shelves, mirrors, even desks, tables, and benches, are incredible space-savers. They draw the eyes up and away from the floor, creating the visual of a bigger space. Wall-mounted benches and tables sometimes fold up to create even more open space. Those living in studio apartments can increase the surface area. Classic Murphy folding beds work this way also, and while not as common as they were back in the day, they’re very functional and logical furniture for small spaces. Wall- or ceiling-mounted lighting can make a difference. Leave table space empty to enlarge the room and hang lights to walls and ceiling. It’s amazing how much space this can save you and the lighting can trick the eye into believing the room is bigger than it appears.

Don’t let corner space go to waste, especially in small homes. Corners are perfect for hanging coats, whether using a coat tree or hanging hooks. Plus, it helps alleviate the clutter of coats and shoes in the living space by keeping them out of view in a corner. Chairs placed at an angle in a corner will really open up the room. Put a tall plant or tree behind the chair and bring a little life to the room. The greenery gives a fresh vibe. You’ll be surprised how much character and life it brings to the room.

Corner accent tables and corner shelf units work great as apartment furniture because they utilize often wasted space and add vertical storage that attracts the eye, making the room appear larger.

Create Space Visually

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You can use visual trickery to create the illusion of bigger space too. Lighting, spacing, and placement of furniture and objects can all make rooms appear larger than they are.

Mirrors hung opposite of windows creates the look of more outside, open space. It makes the room appear larger and more open. This is a top trick used by interior decorators in New York City apartment buildings and for other city dwellers. If you have a great view, it’s a big plus, but even a few trees or the sky helps open up the room.

Line furniture and decor around the perimeter of the room so the center is open, which makes the room appear bigger. Build bookcases into the walls to create space and utilize wall shelves for photos, books, plants and even remote storage. Use room dividers to block off different sections of the room too around the perimeter to separate out sections or to hide items you want to hide like open pipes or garbage cans if you’re in a studio apartment.

Use furniture that doesn’t block one’s view of the room. Clear acrylic or glass furniture items are great for creating the illusion of a larger room. Because the eye can look through them, it seems as though the room is less cluttered and more open than it actually is. The same theory applies to open-back bookcases and shelving units or non-back barstools for seating. The less obstruction, the bigger the room appears.

Are You Ready to Decorate with Functional Furniture for Small Spaces?

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Choosing the perfect furniture for a small room, apartment or home isn’t always easy and can be even harder once you get in the store. Make sure to take accurate measurements with you to the store or take them into consideration when shopping online. Follow the other tips above and always look for functional pieces. Don’t over clutter but don’t under-occupy the space either. You want balance. Now, who’s ready to shop? Share with us your favorite tips for choosing furniture for small spaces in the comments.