How Mama June Got Her New Look


Last year, Mama June Shannon revealed her terrific weight loss feat on TV. She managed to lose 460 pounds in only several months. It was certainly a big achievement, but it wasn’t an easy one. Mama June had to undertake several surgical procedures, which were also preceded by years of hard work, obstacles, and setbacks. In order to trace back Mama June’s weight loss journey, we have to go all the way back to 2012, when she first entered the limelight with her daughter, Alana Thompson.

Mother and daughter starred in the reality show Toddlers in Tiaras. The pair were a hit, and they would later get their own spin-off series that would last for four years. Mama June’s desire to lose weight began shortly before the end of her spin-off series. She had only recently broken up with her ex, “Sugar Bear” and felt that she needed to turn her life around. This was around July 2015, and this was the driving force behind her desire to lose weight as quickly as possible. In later interviews, Mama June began working with a celebrity trainer and even managed to lose 60 pounds through exercise. Following the end of her spin-off, she had managed to go from a size 28 to a size 16.

Things were going according to plan, and for a time, it seemed as though Mama June was actually turning her life around without the help of surgery or any invasive cosmetic procedures. Unfortunately, Mama June eventually hit a wall and was forced to consider surgical procedures to help her overcome the obstacles. This was around in May of 2016. To overcome the plateau, Mama June had to get a gastric sleeve, but that only worked temporarily, because she then hit another plateau, which prompted the trainer to step in to help her lose more weight. She also underwent more weight loss surgical procedures.

On August of 2016, Mama June was introduced to Doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow, the celebrity doctors on “Botched.” She consulted them on how to remove the excess skin from her body, which resulted from rapid weight loss. According to Mama June, she had lost nine pounds of skin off of her stomach, a pound on each arm, half a pound of her neck and more, but it didn’t end there. After removing her excess skin, Mama June than had to undergo a breast lift as well as a tummy tuck sometime in November 2016. She then followed them up with other operations for her neck, arms, and chin in December.

Mama June reported that the cost of all her operations exceeded about $50,000, all of which came out of her own pocket. Despite the high cost of the procedures, Mama June made it clear that was “very happy” about the work, and that she got what she’d wanted. She then concealed herself from the public for the next few months in preparation for her big revelations on TV. Mama June finally revealed her transformation to the world on March of 2017. It happened in an episode of “From Not to Hot,” and the audience got a good look at the end result of her surgeries and hard work.

In April, people began to see more and more of her publicly. In those days, she was often found attired in workout clothes, sneakers, and hoodies. She also looked very different from her older self. She also began to give more interviews, most of which covered her life before and after her surgeries, her motivations and the challenges that she faced along the way. In one interview, Mama June opened up about herself and her ex, admitting that although their split may have helped motivate her to lose weight and get fit, she no longer cares about his opinions or her new look.

Furthermore, she also expressed numerous times her commitment to maintaining her new weight but also admitted that it will be a difficult process. Mama June had fallen back to unhealthy habits before, and such relapses could bring her back to her previous weight problems. “I will do whatever it takes,” she said, expressing her commitment to “never” go back to her previous life. She also stressed out that she doesn’t want to undergo cosmetic surgery ever again.