Explore Exciting New Ways to Buy Eyeglasses Online!


Are you tired of buying your eye glasses from optometrists with a limited selection and unattractive prices? Given that you have to wait for delivery no matter where you buy them, the best place to buy eye glasses could be one of these online retailers.  

Here’s a list of some of the best places to buy eye glasses online.  

Try your glasses on at home for free and contribute to a good cause through Warby Parker!  

Warby Parker partners with Vision Spring, a charitable initiative that provides one free pair of glasses to someone in need every time you buy eye glasses online from them.  

They are also unique for their home-try on service, which lets customers actually try on 5 frames at home and send back the ones they don’t like within 5 days.  

Smartbuyglasses.com provides a huge array of options!  

Smartbuyglasses features frames and lenses from every major brand with competitive pricing, as well as an extensive selection of lens types to choose from, including scratch resistant, glare resistant and smudge proof. Put together your ideal pair at an ideal price!  

Felix+Iris, for those that prefer a traditional, timeless look

Some styles are still around for a reason. Felix Iris specializes in time tested classic style frames for those that prefer not to chase the newest trends. They also provide a try on at home option, to ensure their customers can choose something they’re happy with in the long term.  

To save money, check out Glasses USA  

Glasses USA always has sales going on. They are currently running a special on progressive lenses, with up to $70 off! Their cheapest frames start at $38 which is perfect for a spare emergency replacement pair for those that prefer wearing contact lenses most of the time.  

They have a variety of options, which all provide value for money and customers can try them on virtually by uploading a photo of yourself and their site will generate a preview of how they would look.  

For outstanding customer service, and a large catalog to choose from, go with Eyeconic  

Eyeconic has an exceptionally well designed website. If you’re particularly picky and want to consider a lot of different options, theirs is a good website for extended browsing. They provide virtual try- on and have a huge selection to choose from.  

If you’re a student, the 25% discount at Glasses Shop is definitely for you!  

Signing up for their newsletter gets you a 50% discount and students are eligible for 25% off their purchase. You can get progressive lenses starting at $39, and free form progressive lenses from $49. Expedited shipping is available for $19.95. Customers can return their purchase within 2 weeks for a 50% refund, and a free replacement if your eye glasses break within the first 30 days.

Going for an urban look? consider buying your eye glasses online from Steve Alan Optical  

Stay competitively stylish with these trendy urban frames starting at $195 and progressive lenses starting at $375. Their website offers virtual try-on, and they ship within 10 business days. They provide a 1-year warranty and will exchange or refund eye glasses within 30 days.  

For super-thin lenses, try Coastal.com  

Those that want to try eye glasses with thinner lenses than available elsewhere could try Cowstall’s thin lenses which are up to 22% thinner than average lenses. Frames start at $35 while lenses start at $45. Eye glasses ship within 5-7 days and there is a period of 30 days to get a full refund or exchange.  

Bon-Look designs and manufactures their own fashionable frames  

This innovative manufacturer designs and makes their products in Montreal, providing you with value without compromising either style or quality.  

Frames start at $99 while progressive lenses start $299. Virtual try-on is available with free shipping on orders over $80. Through Bon Look people can buy eye glasses online from a company that designs, manufactures and distributes their own product, which passes the value on to customer.  

Try your eye glasses for 2 weeks with EyeBuyDirect  

Frames start at $6, which is unbeatable value, and single vision lenses start at $6.95

If you don’t like your eyeglasses, you can send them back within 2 weeks for a full refund.  

EyeBuyDirect has donated over 30,000 eye glasses to people in need. Shoppers can support a charitable cause through buying your eye glasses online from them.  

Expedited shipping is available for $19 

Support Animal Charities by purchasing your eye glasses online from Fetch Eyewear  

Fetch Eyewear is affiliated with the Pixie Project and other Animal welfare organizations that you can learn about through their website.  

Their frames start at $125 while high index vision lenses are $40.  

Does a 10 year warranty sound good? Buy eye glasses online from David Kind  

David Kind has a patented photo-measurement system to ensure your eye glasses fit you perfectly 

Frames start at $295 while free form progressive lenses start at $80. They offer a 10 year warranty, which is exceptional. Try on six pairs of eyeglasses at home and return within 6 days.  

Want to buy prescription goggles as well as eye glasses online? Swim over to Zenni Optical

Frames start at 6.95 and while fingerprint resistant lenses cost $14.95. In addition to eye glasses, you can also purchase prescription goggles online from them if you love to swim or dive.