Do You Need Area Rugs, Floor Mats and Slipcovers?



Flooring and furniture withstand a lot of wear and tear. From muddy paw prints to spills and more, floors and furniture are exposed to a lot of damage. That’s why we must protect them. After all, new flooring and furniture are much more expensive and extensive than buying areas rugs, floor mats or slipcovers. We’re sharing some reasons why you should use area rugs and furniture protectors.

Protecting Your Floors and Furniture

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The better protected your furniture and floors are, the longer they’ll last and stay in tip-top shape. Besides the maintenance of area rugs, door mats and slipcovers are easier to use than replacing flooring or reupholstering your furniture. You can often take off slipcovers and toss them in the washing machine. Plus, they look better than Grandma’s plastic covers of our youth. Area rugs are not just great floor protection but they can enhance the design of the room and often bring a pop of color into a room when needed. They’re fun and functional. Door mats are generally more function over fashion but you can still have fun with them, all while protecting the investment of your flooring.

Why Use Area Rugs

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Area rugs work excellently as floor protection in living rooms. Moving furniture can cause scratches on hardwood flooring, but an area rug will protect against this. Felt pads on furniture’s feet will also aid in protecting floors and rugs. They can make moving furniture easier by allowing you to push or pull pieces rather than picking them up.

Area rugs protect floors from heavy footsteps and also absorb sound. If you have a finished basement that you use, the people down there will definitely appreciate the muffled traffic sounds of those running across the area rug in the room above. Area rugs also help reduce echoes in rooms with hardwood floors, which can improve television or movie sounds.

Another huge benefit of area rugs is the cleaning factor. They’re easier to clean than hardwood flooring or wall-to-wall carpeting. Many area rugs are even machine washable. Vacuum and wash them every month or every other month at the least. It’s still much easier than breaking out the wax for your hardwoods or steam cleaning your entire carpet.

Why Use Door Mats

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Simply put, you should use door mats to extend the life of your flooring. They’re great floor protectors. Whether you put the door mat inside the house or outside the front door, it will work to trap excess dirt and debris from people’s shoes or dog’s paws. This is a significant factor in protecting your floors, even more so than you realize. Most dirt and debris has sharp edges when looked at through a microscope that tears at carpet fiber or scratches hardwood flooring. Over time, those microscopic hard edges add up to big damage.

Foot traffic itself, even without the dirt and debris, causes damage over time as well. Because entryways are narrow, people use the same path as they pass through, causing that area of floor or carpet to wear down. Door mats or floor rugs will prevent this.

Surprisingly, by using outdoor door mats, you may improve your indoor air quality. Why? Because allergens, such as pollen, dust and mold spores, are trapped in the floor mat instead of getting tracked indoors. Fresher air and a fresh outdoor look!

Another benefit of using door mats, you reduce the possibility of slipping and falling. Most household injuries are caused by slips and falls so preventing them may be a huge plus for your family and homeowners insurance. By allowing houseguests and residents a place to wipe their feet upon entering the home, the less water they track in. You’re much less likely to slip on a dry floor than you are a wet floor. Therefore, door mats can contribute to your family’s health and wellness!

Why Use Slipcovers/Protectors on Your Furniture

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Furniture slipcovers protect the upholstery from spills, stains, pet hair, grease and any other household grime that often encounters couches, chairs, ottomans and love seats. The furniture remains comfortable while being protected and the covers remove easily for washing too.

Furniture protectors differ from slipcovers in that they only cover a portion of the couch, chair, etc. But they function much the same way as a slipcover. You might prefer a furniture protector if you still want to showcase the couch/chair pattern while protecting the seat, back, and arms. Furniture protectors are often water-resistant so they’re good to use if you allow pets on your furniture.

You might prefer a slipcover if you want to ensure the whole piece of furniture is protected, including the feet and back. Slipcovers also work great to cover a stained or damaged piece of furniture. Budget-friendly, they’re an affordable way to protect against mess and gunk and change your living room look without having to invest in brand-new furniture.

Do You Need Floor and Furniture Protection?

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Whether you have a few kids running around, a pet or two, or it’s just you, every home can benefit from floor and furniture protection. They not only elongate the life of the flooring and furniture, but they can also enhance the look of your living spaces. They can be a fun addition to any decor while also serving a practical purpose. We definitely recommend adding floor and furniture protection to your home. What’s your favorite reason for laying down an area rug or slipping on a slipcover?