florale triumph moulded black tulle bra


Ahhhh bras. I wrote last week about my new-found obsession with all things brassiere-related, and have loved reading all the messages that I received since then. It turns out that we all have very, very decided opinions on not just what our bras should look like but, most importantly, feel like when they are on.

Which is bad news for the unreconstructed men out there who still think that a scarlet nylon butt-floss thong and matching scratchy lace bra two sizes too small will fulfil our every Christmas wish. It’s hard to feel sensual when you’ve got bits of lingerie stuck where the sun don’t shine.

Equally it’s far from ideal that so many women Tweet that the best part of the day is removing their bra the moment they walk through the door.

Comfort and style shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, and bras don’t have to hurt, so it always makes me a bit cross when I read how much some women hate their underwear – they aren’t designed to be instruments of torture.

If a bra is digging in and sore it’s usually because one is wearing the wrong bra, either shape or size. Even when I had two giant bean bags hanging around my chest, aka a pair of 32HH breasts, it wasn’t the bras that hurt so much as the pressure of 2kg of boob needing to be supported, because I spent a great deal of time researching my bras. (I have two words for you – Triumph Amourette, which I wore for over twenty years until my breast reduction.)

If you’ve read any women’s-interest publication over the past ten years then you’ll know that a session with a good bra fitter is vital (John Lewis is excellent for this), but proper soft straps, flexible underwires that are shaped to the curve of your ribcage, good quality lace (not the cheap sandpaper variety), super soft, comfortable hook and eyes, and multi-part patterns that follow the shape of the breast can all help ameliorate bra pain and hoicking-up syndrome.

Now that I am a more, erm, compact size, I’m still a Triumph loyalist (there’s a reason as to why I said yes to working with them). I don’t need the same amount of support as before, but I do still want comfort and shaping, as well as well, hello there prettiness. Which brings me again to lovely Florale by Triumph. (The ones modelled by Julianne Moore in the ads.)

Last week I photographed my lovely all-over lace Peony Florale Wired bra, and this week I’m wearing the Peony Florale Wired padded bra.

Padded, you say? Surely the last thing you want is more breast, or need it more support? Well, a good padded bra has been quite the revelation – the Peony is more of a moulded cup which is just brilliant for wearing under filmy tops and evening clothes because it doesn’t add volume, just shape.

triumph florale padded bar seamfree cup 34d - 2

It’s a great foundation bra under clothes, and because it’s an opaque cup it means that you aren’t flashing lacy underwear when you don’t want to. (It looks particularly good underneath a blouse in the evening, thanks to its spacer cups.) And it has that brilliant Triumph Ergoline underwire. (It’s a specially curved wire that adapts perfectly to the body for extra stability and comfort so there’s no metal digging into your armpits.

triumph florale padded bar seamfree cup 34d - 2

Both bras are wonderful additions to my new lingerie drawer – let’s hope Father Christmas brings you some too.

Florale by Triumph is available at House of Fraser and John Lewis
or online at uk.triumph.com/florale/peony

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