Christmas Party Ideas: ‘Tis the Season to Celebrate!



Happy holidays! There’s no better time of year to gather a group of friends and family to celebrate with fun Christmas party ideas. Everything is festive and everyone is caught up in the holiday spirit. We have some Christmas party theme ideas to help you plan that perfect soiree. So let’s party!

Throw the Perfect Holiday Party!

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With all of the holiday and Christmas celebrations happening this time of year, you need your shindig to stand out and get people excited to attend. Do that by thinking beyond the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” and choose a fun Christmas party theme. We have some holly jolly Christmas party ideas to consider.

Family-Friendly Holiday Gatherings

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Christmas is definitely a time for family. Celebrate the season by hosting a family-friendly fiesta at your abode.

Get interactive! Invite families to decorate gingerbread houses. You can do individual houses or have families work on one together. Spread out plenty of supplies – graham crackers, icing, candy of all shapes and sizes – and encourage your guests to get creative.

If you prefer being outside instead of in, host a build-a-snowman party! This could get tricky if you don’t have snow but use styrofoam balls instead. Offer guests plenty of decorating options. Then after all of the snowpeople are built, go inside, enjoy some hot cocoa and put on Frosty the Snowman for the whole family to enjoy.

Put on your jammies for a Christmas movie marathon! A large selection of family-friendly Christmas movies will keep you occupied all day. Plus, the kids (and adults too) will love dressing in their favorite Christmas pajamas while watching everyone’s favorite movie. Have each family bring their favorite Christmas movie and favorite movie snack and you are ready to go! Of course, if you don’t want everyone too comfortable in their pajamas, you can turn it into a Christmas movie character party instead! Keep the kiddos occupied with Christmas-movie-themed crafts.

Christmas Party Ideas for Kids

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Throw a Christmas carnival! Kids will have a blast playing all sorts of Christmas-themed games that are easy to create. Pin the nose on Rudolph is very popular. Blindfold kids and have them try to tape Rudolph’s red nose onto his likeness hung on a wall. Closest to the actual nose wins a prize! Try different variations of this as well – pin the star atop the Christmas tree, the beard on Santa or the hat on Frosty.

Have a face-painting station at your Christmas carnival. If you aren’t an artist, hire a local face painter. Allow kids to choose from a fun selection of holiday characters.

Do the plastic wrap Christmas present pass. Wrap up a small toy or present in layers upon layers upon layers of plastic wrap, then play Christmas music. Each kid gets a chance to unwrap the gift while the music plays. Pause intermittently to allow the present to be passed. The kid who unwraps the gift gets to keep it!

Use reindeer antler head boppers and play ring toss. Have kids partner up and see who can catch the most rings on a set of antlers in a certain time period. Kids go one pair at a time and the other kids will have fun watching and cheering on (or heckling) their friends. Keep an eye on things to make sure it doesn’t get too competitive.

Create a fun indoor snowball toss! There are multiple ways to have fun with indoor snowballs (of course, if you prefer and have the weather, you can do this outdoors with real snow.) Make a bean bag toss game with buckets. Put buckets in a pyramid form and have kids toss the bean bags or balled up socks or paper into the buckets for points. Or make a cardboard cutout snowman and make each section of his body (head, middle, bottom) a different point value. Stack plastic cups into pyramid form and throw the indoor snowballs to knock them down. Use your imagination and have fun. Once the game is over, have an indoor snowball fight (as long as your breakables are put away)!

Teach children the spirit of Christmas by hosting a give a gift to charity party. Invite kids to write their Christmas list for Santa Claus. Encourage them to make it on his “Nice” list by having them bring one gift off of their own list to donate to a local charity or family in need. It will help teach them the true meaning of Christmas and that it is better to give than to receive. Of course, you’ll want to give something to the kids in return, so a party Christmas treat bag is the perfect option. Or wrap up some small gift items and allow the kids to play a friendly “White Elephant” gift exchange where they can choose from the pile or take an already opened gift from another child. Again, this makes for a great learning experience!

Get crafty. Instead of a regular ugly Christmas sweater party, throw a make your own ugly Christmas sweater party. Give plain white, red or green sweatshirts as party favors and offer plenty of puffy paint, stickers, glitter, etc. for the kids to decorate as they wish. Old Christmas cards make great options for kids to cut up and glue on. Garland and ornaments are great too. Just make sure all crafting material is age-appropriate! If you don’t want the hassle of clothing, do a cookie-decorating party instead. Pre-bake Christmas cutout cookies and provide icing, sprinkles, candies and more. The kids will love it!

And the crafting ideas don’t end there! Make snowflakes, snowglobes using paper plates, make handprint ornaments, ice cream cone Christmas trees and more. Pinterest has a plethora of knowledge to share on this! Make sure to have plenty of cocoa and Christmas music on hand as well.

Christmas Party Ideas for Adults

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It’s time for the adults to party! Christmas party ideas for adults are plentiful. They can range from fun to fancy, whatever your style, there are Christmas party themes for you too!

Relive the summer with a reverse Christmas in July party. Just like Santa shows up to bars in July, bring July to your house for this Christmas party theme. Send out beach-themed invitations and make sure everyone dresses in their favorite Hawaiian shirt or beach apparel. Serve margaritas, piña coladas and more. Have BBQ or other summer foods and play Jimmy Buffet’s and The Beach Boys Christmas albums. It will have you dreaming of sunshine and beaches!

Get fancy and throw a White Christmas extravaganza! Play the movie or the soundtrack on a loop and have guests dress in all white. Decor will be classic white and silver. Serve fancy cocktails like the White Christmas margarita, White Russians, eggnog, white wines (or champagne) and white cosmos. Food can have color but be mindful of its staining power!

Sing a song or two! Invite your friends over for a festive Christmas carol karaoke and cocktails bash. Fire up the karaoke machine, load it with holiday classics, serve up some Christmas cocktails and let the fun begin. This is a light-hearted way to get everyone involved in the celebration and just let go and have a good time. Make some finger foods and have everyone bring a cocktail or appetizer and the mood is set for a fun night that will linger into the morning!

Celebrate craft breweries by hosting a Christmas Ales Tasting Party. With the proliferation of small, local breweries popping up and the popularity of Christmas-style beers, you will have no shortage of selection for this party theme. Either choose what to serve yourself or ask guests to bring their favorite 6-pack (or 22-oz. or larger bottle or growler) of Christmas ale and vote on which one you like best. Everyone wins by being able to imbibe the night away on crafty Christmas ales.

Are you Ready to Use These Christmas Party Ideas?

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These Christmas party ideas are just the tip of the party iceberg. We can help you serve up fun in style (don’t forget a Christmas tabletop decor), but no matter how you choose to celebrate this holiday season, the important thing is to enjoy spending time with family and friends. Happy holidays from all of us at Improvements!

Tell us your favorite Christmas party ideas in the comments below.