Christmas Decorating Ideas to Try this Holiday Season



‘Tis the season for giving, the season for celebrating and, thus, the season for decorating! With Christmas upon us, it’s time to throw a holiday party and deck your home in festive decor. When it comes to Christmas decorating ideas, there is no shortage. You can be traditional or eclectic, playful or sincere, but just be you! Don’t let decorating for your Christmas party stress you out or break the bank. We have some easy Christmas party decorating ideas to get you started.

Christmas Decorating Ideas That Won’t Bust Your Budget

Christmas Decorating Ideas to Try this Holiday Season-Wreath Decorated with Ribbon and Stars

Nothing invokes the season of giving more than beautifully or festively wrapped Christmas presents. Plus, they make quick, easy and cheap Christmas decorations! Wrap up a bunch of boxes, either with actual gifts or empty, and put them all around. Wrap already hung picture frames and mirrors to look like presents too. This is a great (and inexpensive) way to turn your current decor into Christmas decor! Plus, it gives the whole room a holly jolly vibe.

It’s not just wrapping paper that makes fun decor. Take the bows you saved off of last year’s Christmas presents (it’s OK to admit, we all do it!) and glue them to a styrofoam wreath. It takes about 30 minutes and the wreath only costs a few bucks – now that’s a Christmas miracle!

Repurpose your current decor. Cookie tins, empty vases or decorative bowls that you already have on hand make perfect Christmas decorations too. Fill them with ornaments, fake snow, pine cones or Christmas candy and you are decked for the holidays! If you already have plain pillar candles, wrap them in Christmas ribbon or paint them with red, green, gold or silver glitter and you are Christmas ready. Just be very cautious if you plan to light them because some decorative items may be flammable.

Use what Mother Nature offers for rustic yet festive holiday decorations. Pinecones on their own, painted white or covered in glitter make easy yet beautiful Christmas decorations. Add some pine branches and you are all set. The ideas for decorating with nature are plentiful. Therefore, read “Christmas Decorating Ideas: Decorate with Nature” for more ideas.

One of the best tips for getting your Christmas party decor on a budget – shop on Dec. 26! You will find deep discounts, often up to 75 percent off or more because the stores want to save inventory space by not putting all of their decoration away for a full year. Buy an artificial tree, wrapping paper, wreaths, garland, Christmas lights and more, then start planning for next year’s Christmas bash!

Elegant Christmas Decorating Ideas on the Cheap

Christmas Decorating Ideas to Try this Holiday Season-Gold and White Place Setting

If you prefer fancy Christmas party decor, stick to golds, silvers, and whites because they are clean and classic. This color pattern makes for a lovely and upscale-looking Christmas party (even if you don’t break the bank). Gold glittery Christmas trees make an elegant centerpiece when displayed on a white tablecloth. Or scatter silver and gold ornaments or Christmas bells as dynamic and classy Christmas table decorations. A simple vase filled with white lights and tied with a gold bow is a gorgeous yet simple decoration that looks especially great in dimly lit rooms. Use icicle lights indoors for a classic look. Hang them along a mantel that is draped with garland to create a winter wonderland. Finally, a Christmas tree strung with white lights, gold and silver ornaments, tinsel, and a gold star atop makes a stand-out piece in this decorating style.

Ho-Ho-Holiday Decorations

Christmas Decorating Ideas to Try this Holiday Season-Red and White Place Setting

Stick to the classics and invoke Santa Claus in all of your Christmas decorations this year. By choosing a red and white theme, you will be able to choose decorations quickly and easily because they are widely available in many shopping outlets.

Red and white garland, ribbons or streamers are perfectly festive, affordable and versatile. Use them in multiple ways to decorate your home, like wrapping your staircase, hanging streamers from the ceiling, or draping your mantel or tree. Red and white ornaments in vases or bowls surrounded by fake snow make jolly Santa centerpieces. Place Santa hats around your home, hang them on walls or drape on chair backs for easy and fun decorations that are sure to put you on Santa’s nice list. You can even gussy up everyone’s favorite red party cup. Make a Santa belt from black ribbon or construction paper and gold ribbon as his belt buckle and wrap around the cup’s midsection. If you have round tables, give them a Santa belt too. Put on a red plastic tablecloth and make a Santa belt with a black runner and gold for his belt buckle.

Candy canes also make perfect accent pieces for this Christmas decor theme. Scatter them on tables, hang them from your tree or make garland out of candy canes and string throughout your home. Make your own peppermint candy serving tray also!

Are you Ready to Decorate for Your Christmas Party?

Christmas Decorating Ideas to Try this Holiday Season-Christmas Lights in a Mason Jar

Hopefully, after reading all of these ideas, you are inspired to deck your halls and throw a wonderful, fun, safe and jolly holiday party. Let us know how your Christmas party decorations turned out in the comments below. If you have any DIY, budget-friendly Christmas decorating ideas, please share as well. Happy holidays from Improvements!