A Swimsuit for Everyone How to Match Body Types With Design 


While picking out the right set of clothes is a relatively doable affair for any woman, the task gets a tad difficult when it comes to swimsuits. If you are particularly conscious about how you look and your overall body image, then finding a swimsuit that is just right can be an uphill endeavor. In a bid to make things easier, clothing companies have gone back to the drawing board quite literally to whip up a plethora of designs specifically for those in search of a plus size swimsuit.

However, if you have at your fingertips sufficient information on your body type and how to dress it, then finding the right swimsuit should be a breeze. Often you’ll hear the narrative that plus size swimsuit varieties for women are in short supply but that is not the case. In fact, the cup runs over as there is a wide array of swimsuits that go with various body types as follows:

Small Bust Category  

For women with small busts, the options on your table are numerous. For one, a padded top proves suitable for your shape as it not only elevates your bust but also gives it an endearing contour. Alternatively, you could tweak your dressing to highlight the other parts of your body and take the spotlight away from your bust. Wearing a vibrant bra top imbued with dabs of colors, prints, or ruffles is a great way to shift attention away from your bust.

The Straight Kind  

It is seemingly easy for women with such body types to find their right match of swimsuits because this is pretty much the standard size of many swimsuits in the market. That said, some still end up picking out the wrong option as they focus too much on getting one that can accentuate their curves. If you are struggling with such a conundrum, then a one-piece swimsuit is definitely one that you should strike off your shopping list as this cutout-imbued swimsuit will result in an hourglass-shaped bust as it overly grips your waistline. However, if a one-piece is your cup of tea, then you should think about getting a monokini. Other excellent choices that also help improve your figure include a busy print swimsuit, a low-slung bottom piece and a striped swimsuit.


The tummy is an especially delicate area of the body for many women and it’s the part most are extremely self-conscious about. If this rightly describes you, then one-piece swimsuits should have a place at the top of your list. A swimsuit of this nature holds your tummy in place whilst also allowing you to breathe with ease. A high waist bottom piece is a good option as well as it helps align your tummy seamlessly. The advancement of technology has also seen the entry of some ingenious new plus size swimsuit brands that have the ability to perfectly shape your tummy.

Full Thighs and Hips  

This is often the body shape aspect of plus size women that gets in the way of finding the perfect swimsuit match. If you are in this boat, then its best to go for a design that balances out your shape such as a covered option that betters your curvy shape. You could also go with a neat trick called the distraction technique by using a monochromatic shade of plus size swimsuit or a bright top that shifts focus to your upper body.

Large Bust Shape  

If you have big busts, then it’s probably right we start off with those kinds of plus size swimsuits you should steer clear of. Bathing tops, string bikinis and basically anything that doesn’t provide good support is certainly a no-no. Reinforcement is a key attribute as with a large bust, support ensures it gets a good shape or keeps it under wraps. For what you can wear, a tankini top is the way to go if you are keen on more bust coverage. A one-piece is also not a bad pick for this body type but its best to go for one with minimum cutouts.

So from these simple pointers, it’s evident that there is a design for every body type. From plus size swimsuit varieties for plus size women to any other variety you might be looking for, the sheer number of options is overwhelming. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the swimsuit you go for should be the right fit for your body type. If you are armed with this information, shopping for a swimsuit should be a walk in the park.